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For some people, wearing eyeglasses is cumbersome and inconvenient—fortunately, contact lenses offer an excellent alternative. If you live an active lifestyle that makes it difficult to wear glasses or you simply don’t like wearing glasses, turn to Sight360 for comfortable and convenient contact lenses. We have several offices and clinics throughout Palm Harbor and the West Central Florida area. Our team offers contact lens exams to create or update your prescription and we can fill existing prescriptions as well.

Types of Contact Lenses We Offer

We offer three types of contact lenses:

  • Soft contact lenses – These very thin contacts are made of a gel-like material, which makes them very comfortable to wear.
  • Hard contact lenses – These lenses are made of a durable, more rigid plastic. They may initially be less comfortable than soft contacts, but hard lenses generally provide sharper vision.
  • Hybrid contact lenses – Falling between hard and soft contact lenses, hybrid lenses offer a balance of sharp vision and comfort.

You can also choose how frequently you’d like to replace or clean your contact lenses. We offer daily and monthly disposable contact lenses, as well as annual lenses that can be worn for a full year. With daily disposable lenses, you simply insert them in the morning and dispose of them at night—no cleaning required. This is the healthiest and most convenient option. For monthly and annual lenses, you’ll need to store them in fresh contact solution each night and clean the lenses regularly. If you aren’t sure which of the above options are best for you, your contact lens specialist can help you decide.

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Request a contact lens exam today to see one of our specialists in Palm Harbor. If you have a current contact prescription and just need to order more lenses, no appointment is required.

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