In-Office Telehealth Eye Exam

In-office telehealth eye exams are a convenient and modern way to check your overall ocular health and update your glasses or contact lenses prescriptions.

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What is an In-Office Telehealth Eye Exam

This is a convenient and modern solution for comprehensive routine eye examinations. The exam is conducted through the use of a high-definition video call with a licensed optometrist and cutting-edge technology that controls the exam equipment remotely. The entire exam is performed in less than 30 minutes and patients receive their eyeglasses or contact lens prescription immediately following the exam. 

After you receive your prescription,  you can meet with one of our friendly, licensed opticians in the same office to browse our wide selection of eyeglass frames and eyeglass lenses.

If the doctor notices an eye health concern during your visit, we will refer you to one of our sight360 optometrists, a board-certified ophthalmologist or specialists.

Established patients may schedule an In-Office Telehealth Eye Exam by calling 866.824.4280.


If you are a new patient to one of our practices, please request an appointment with one of our doctors who practice at one of our office locations. Your future appointments may be In-Office Telehealth Eye Exams. 

How Does an In-Office Telehealth Eye Exam Work?

What to Expect

  1. Like all doctor visits, you will need to provide or update your basic information and medical history.
  2. A friendly on-site ophthalmic technician will guide you to the exam area and perform a pre-test and take photos of the front and back of your eyes. This technician will be with you during the entire appointment.
  3. Next, a remote ophthalmic technician will meet with you via the high-definition screen. They will administer a preliminary refraction exam which measures the prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. All your information is recorded and the remote technician will notify your optometrist that you are ready for your eye exam.
  4. Your licensed doctor will appear on the high-definition screen and perform your eye exam with equipment that is controlled remotely. The doctor will then discuss the exam findings and answer any questions through the high-definition screen. At the end of the exam, a prescription will be printed and you can use it to purchase your eyeglasses or contact lenses with the assistance of an onsite optician.


Patients no longer have to coordinate an eye exam that matches their schedule and to when the doctor is available at the office. Appointments are suggested. However, remote doctors are available most days and hours the eye clinic is open for business. 

From the time the patient completes the registration/intake form to the completion of the eye examination averages less than 30 minutes. 

No, this Routine Eye Exam does not require liquid dilation. However, if the doctor is concerned with something they see in their exam findings, they will refer you to another doctor that may require liquid dilation. 

Prescriptions are issued within minutes of the conclusion of the eye exam, allowing for quick and easy purchase of eyeglasses or contact lenses within our location.

The doctor will refer the patient to an ophthalmologist or specialist if needed. 

Yes, most insurance companies will cover these Routine Eye Exams. Please verify your insurance when you schedule your appointment. 

Schedule an In-Office Telehealth Eye Exam at a Location Near You Today!

This new and modern eye exam is available at two of our Opti-mart Locations.

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Accepted Vision Insurance for Routine Eye Exams

As a group, we accept over 50 routine vision insurances plans alone, including popular plans like ICare, Premier Eyecare, Eyemed, DavisVision and Superior Vision. We also accept a variety of medical plans to cover medical eye exams.

Do you have a prescription? No Appointment Necessary!

If you have an existing prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, stop in anytime during business hours at any one of our locations. You do not need an appointment to speak with a licensed optician to fill your prescription.

The more you learn about your own eye health, the better you can collaborate with your eye doctor. Our board-certified physicians will share knowledge, coach and empower you to make factually informed decisions about your care and treatment plan.

Routine Eye Exam Conditions & Treatments

Common Conditions
Common Treatments

Highly Rated Eye Doctors & Vision Care Specialists

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