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The Back to School period is a great time for Annual Eye Exams and new eyeglasses or contacts.

Why are back-to-school eye exams are crucial?

Because vision may change frequently during the school years, children should receive an eye examination every year, or more frequently if specific problems or risk factors exist, or if recommended by an optometrist. Parents and educators often think that if a child passes a school screening, there is no vision problem. The most common vision problem in school-age children is blurry vision or refractive error caused by nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism resulting in blurry vision. However, a child who can see clearly and has 20/20 vision can still have a vision problem relating to eye focusing, eye tracking and eye coordination. In reality, the vision skills needed for successful reading and learning are much more complex.

Ensure your child’s healthy vision and overall eye health. Schedule an in-person, comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist as part of your annual back-to-school routine.**

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